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(published on 17/08/2017)

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(published on 17/08/2017)
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Welcome to Koha, CORE Education's Online Library

All CORE whānau have access to current and authoritative books, information and inspiration, to bring to life our Quality Promise as we work across centres, Kura, schools, businesses and with each other.
CORE's Knowledge Curation Service selects an extensive range of resources you can take advantage of from wherever you’re based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Books can be posted to you, articles are downloadable & online database & journal subscriptions accessible from where ever you are working.

Please suggest book titles, research & resources you think we should have, and Contact Us for any support, suggestions or help curating research. We'd also love to hear your feedback.

Hei konā mai
CORE's Koha Team Alyssa and Paula

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